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August 02-30


After the Vacation

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Summer, perhaps is a month of introspection. Soaring mercury levels send most of the affluent to cooler climes and those cannot afford things like that, take shelter under poetic canopies. Wherever you are, during summer you tend to introspect, re-charge your batteries in order to come back with a bang. more »

Cover story

The New Indians and Their Games

Old gaze new actor - 10 ft x 7 ft - Oil and acrylic on canvas

Chintan Upadhyay’s latest project is titled ‘New Indians’. He explores what makes the new Indian ‘new’ and what makes him/her tick. His provocative works presented in Galerie Natalie Seroussie, Paris, have already brought a lot of critical acclamation to the artist. JohnyML visits the show and comes up with the following essay.. read on »


Sudhir Patwardhan
Up close and personal’ is a shared diagram locating lives of significant figures in Contemporary Indian Art over the last four decades. The locus of this diagram is drafted through first person accounts, situations, art works, projects, events, texts, issues, people, cultures and geographies thereby trying to articulate an ‘artistic context’ that is simultaneously personal and historical.
Kavita Balakrishnan, here portrays the life and artistic philosophy of the much acclaimed artist Sudhir Patwardhan.. more»

Spring Board

Bhavin Mistry

Bhavin Mistry, an young artist hailing from fine Arts Faculty, MSU, Baroda had scratched a line in the market within a very little time. Bhavin consciously avoids human presence in his works, a “no-man’s landscapes” in his words. Some of his works comment upon the overpowering of manmade technology also. Uncertain of his future plans, Bhavin believes in the market but prefers not to enter it deliberately. more »

Photo Feature

‘New Indians’ Opening at Galerie Natalie Seroussie, Paris

Mark Him (Second Half) at Gallery 88, Kolkata

Art Basel 2008

Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University, Baroda Annual Display


NN Rimzon

Gallery OED presents a latest charcoal drawing by NN Rimzon, basically a sculptor of subliminal concepts. Rimzon's ouvre largely negotiates with history and cultural memory. Using a very expressive but humble medium of charcoal this work 'devotee near the stone' evokes specific memories and environs of one's spiritual practice. more »


Simrin Mehra Agarwal, Archaeology of image

Simrin Mehra Agarwal has studied in a French school La Martiniere Kolkata from 1983-1998, her association with France and its people has been considerable since then. Nine years later, she was awarded the French Government Scholarship and Indo-French Artist–in–Residence Programme by the French Embassy in India in the field of Painting. Her works have found their way to acclamation within a very short time. As an artist, Simrin Mehra Agarwal writes about her thought and working process for a work called ‘Escape-I’ . more »


Raj Kumar in/as a Visual Discourse

H.A. Anil Kumar writes a curatorial note for the exhibition in the honour of Late Raj Kumar, the most popular actor in Kannada film industry.  A role model to the pan-Kannadiga populace he is an image and imagination in the cultural field. Noted artists like K.N.Ramachandran, Surekha and many others were part of the exhibition Raj Kumar. more »

Sandarbh in America

Ivan Smith introduces SANDARBH U.S. INTERNATIONAL ARTIST RESIDENCY from both the perspectives -as an onlooker and a participating artist himself. Moultrie, South Georgia became the first international venue to host the Sandarbh through. The success of the event is also being credited to the supporters, such as Merchant and Ivory Foundation and the Colquitt Art Centre. more »

Art Basel Bazaar

Sushma Bahl, independent curator, organizer and art critic based in Delhi visits the 39th edition of the internationally acclaimed global art fair, Art Basel and says that with all the cutting edge art around, and all those Euros and Dollars transacted, the fair presents the future of the global art. But she doubts whether the ‘art lovers’ are totally neglected by the players as they concentrate more on business than art appreciation. more »

Mark Him (Second Half)

Loaded with political critique, philosophical and aesthetic mediation, Riyas Komu’s latest project ‘Mark Him (Second Half)’ recently opened at Gallery 88, Kolkata. JohnyML visits the show and says that subtlety with which the artist debates ‘Football’ makes the show a link between two worlds; of art and football. more »

Prescriptions for New Viewing

When Sanjeev Khandekar does anything in art, people watch it with some curiosity for his works always raise some heat and dust in the contemporary art scene. Recently, he took his new solo show to Pune for a not-so-urban audience. Soon the show will be travelling to other rural areas in the country. JohnyML catches up with the artist to know more about his new interest in new audience. more »

Mistakes are Actions

Aron Johnston, Fulbright Research Grantee, 2007-08 believes in the brilliance than the actual intention of the painting. He tells Rollie Mukherjee about his recent solo show titled “signs unseen” held at Chitra Kala Parishath, April 2008. The conversation sheds light on his early works and the sojourn in India. Excerpts »

Through the Bioscope

K.M.Madhusudhanan, accomplished painter, graphic designer and ideologue of the now defunct Indian Radical Painters and Sculptors association has recently completed his first feature film, which got a special screening in the Cannes Film Festival 2008. JohnyML speaks to the artist about the new film and his forthcoming art and movie projects. more »

North East is a Real Reality

N. Bidyut Singha aka Bobby, recollects his ‘wild hair days’ in his native Shillong and discusses the socio-political construct of North Eastern states as an imaginative zone, with Amrita Gupta Singh. Bobby, an accomplished artist who uses various mediums to express himself incorporates his interest for music and tattoo in whatever he does. This Mumbai based artist has been noticed for his strong political views and astonishing ways of presentation. Excerpts »

The Abstraction of the Mountains

The 1939-born Laxman Shreshtha's art is based on the relationship between an idealised topography of buoyant forms, and a real landscape of mountain and river valley. The panorama of his thoughts is wider than the canvas. Echoing with the wish of surpass, they risk their argument to personify a contemporary sublime. Shubhalakshmi Shukla talks to Shreshtha about his perception of contemporary art. more »


‘Ghost’ of Bose at Aicon Gallery London » »
‘Pet Shop’ of Chintan Upadhyay at Ashish Balram Nagpal Gallery » »
‘Hide and Seek’ at Gallery OED, Kochi » »
Alternative Space@Gallery OED » »
India Art Summit, 2008 at Pragati Maidan » »
Shilpa Gupta at Bodhi Berlin » »
Nitin Mukul at the Guild Gallery, New York » »
More News »

Reflections of Feminist art

Balakrishnan.V.P writes about ‘WACK’ Art and the Feminist Revolution, the first comprehensive, historical exhibition to examine the international foundations and legacy of feminist art. The participating artists include Alice Adams, Alice Aycock, Lynda Benglis, Agnes Denes, Jackie Ferrare, Nancy Holt, Mary Miss, Suzanne Harris, Michelle Stuart and Jackie Wimsor etc. more »

Fanning Fashion-Too many books

The market is loaded with too many Retrospectives and monographs of the same lot of artists. Uma Nair shares the agony of having too many books and Retrospectives of the same artists, which in a way decreases the value of the artists. more »

We are Not Entitled to Dream

During the recently concluded Khoj Peers Workshop, 2008, Delhi based artists-researchers Sreejata Roy and Mritunjay Chatterjee presented an installation titled ‘City (In)visible’, on the life and times of migrant zardozi workers. Project intern and artist Anuradha Pathak writes about her experiences while working with the artists. more »

Articulating Peripheries in a Ferry

Periferry 1.0’, a project initiated by Sonal Jain, Mriganka Madhukaillya, artists and film makers from North East under the banner of Desire Machine Collective@Khoj Guwahati, a subsidiary of Khoj International Artists Association, has recently done an interesting public art project in a ferry. Delhi based architect Adim Phukan gives a conceptual introduction of the project. more »

Abject Reality, Curtailed Probe

Somnath Hore was one of the pioneers of the 20th century modern art movement in India. He was not only a graphic artist and sculptor but also a political activist. Somnath has an apprehension about man’s to man violence—in the forms of casteism, communalism etc. An alternative and comparatively new space Seagull Media Resource Center had hosted a Retrospective of this master artist from 12th April to 25th May. Oindrilla Maity shares her anxieties, experiences and views related to the show. more »

History and Cruel Gods

Johny M L writes a critical review on the exhibition of Shiv Verma, an awardee of the Visual Arts Gallery, IHC and Art India Magazine Award for the upcoming artists for the year 2006. While reviewing the author raises a few questions on the selection process. more »

Take Your Time - a fifteen years old journey of an artist

Balakrishnan.V.P writes about Olafur Eliasson’s retrospective, titled 'Take Your Time', which is spread out in two venues of MoMA in Manhattan and PS1 Contemporary art Centre. It showcases his works from over the past fifteen years. 'Take Your Time' is the first show of Olafur Eliasson of this kind in New York. The exhibition will be on view at The Museum of Modern Art and at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center till June 30, 2008. more »
Book Review

Art & Deal - Reviewed by Rikimi Madhukaillya

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Beyond The Faces Of Fame

Imagine a bare-bodied Husain — black eyebrows, white beard — standing in front of his work that he had given to Indian Airlines in the '70s. Then think of Francis Newton Souza at his apartment in New York, standing next to one of his famed Heads. An unusual moment in the life of India's finest abstractionist Nasreen Mohamedi — demure and delicately poised — all these images are part of a historic show at New York's Sepia entitled "A Critic's Eye". The critic is none other than the late Richard Bartholomew who discovered and wrote about the famed Progressives long before the world woke up to Indian art. more»