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Cover story

When Sakshi Goes to Kochi

Shibu Natesan Jah Love Oil on Canvas 2005 72" x 96"

On 18th April 2008, Mumbai based Sakshi Gallery presented its annual exhibition at the Durbar Hall Art Gallery, Kochi. Thirty nine Indian contemporary artists were presented in this huge show that attracted people from all the walks of life in Kerala. JohnyML visits the show and comes out with the following report. read on »


Baiju Parthan

Up close and personal’ is a shared diagram locating lives of significant figures in Contemporary Indian Art over the last four decades. The locus of this diagram is drafted through first person accounts, situations, art works, projects, events, texts, issues, people, cultures and geographies thereby trying to articulate an ‘artistic context’ that is simultaneously personal and historical. Kavitha Balakrishnan, here portrays the life and artistic philosophy of the much acclaimed artist Baiju Parthan. more»

Spring Board

Namita Roy

Chandigarh based artist Namita Roy did her BFA from College of Arts, Chandigarh and MFA from Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan. Though she is involved in painting for the last few years her academic training was in print making. An adept print maker and a believer in experimental process, Namita’s works are generally abstractions derived from day to day experiences. Her palette is rich and vibrant. Layering is a process through which she gets the desired effects on her pictorial surfaces. She has exhibited in several group shows. Currently she lives in Chandigarh with her artist husband Avi Roy. more »

Photo Feature

The New Gujarat Contemporaries at Gallery OED, Kochi.

The Sakshi Show at Durbar Hall, Kochi



Baroda based artist Chinmoy Pramanick’s works present a world of objects with altered and manipulated desires. His critique is based on pure visuality of objects and their repetitiveness in ordinary lives. In this short essay, Chinmoy looks back at the works that he did in 2007. more »


Harsha N.S- A Chronicler of Our Times

N.S.Harsha, the ‘economy class globe trotter’ has made Indian contemporary art scene proud by achieving the prestigious Artes Mundi Award. Art Historian Suresh Jayaram, a dear friend and fellow artist of N.S.Harsha recounts the mile stones in Harsha’s artistic life. more »

The artist-philosopher and the philosophy of art

Bipin Balachandran, a young art historian goes through the history of aesthetics and makes an attempt to analyze how aesthetics as a philosophy works in different junctures of art history. more »

Interweaving: The art of Shelly Jyoti

Priya Malhotra, contributing editor of Asian Art News, writes on the works of the Baroda based artist and designer Shelly Jyoti, who recently exhibited her Mithila inspired paintings in the US. The author contextualizes Jyoti’s works in the new Indian context and mediates her works for a foreign audience. more »


White Clouds- The Finishing Point

Hyderabad based young painter Om Soorya recently had a solo show at the Guild Gallery, Mumbai. A painter of urban landscapes tinged with symbolist poetic thoughts, Om Soorya speaks to Amrita Gupta Singh about his works and ideas that goad him towards creativity. Excerpts from the interview: Excerpts »


N S Harsha wins third £40,000 Artes Mundi Prize » »
More News »

A Few Delhi Shows

Month of April had a variety of shows in Delhi. JohnyML visits four of them, namely Baby-ji, Mapping Memories, Fluid Structures and Proxy Horizon and comes out with the following comments in this feature. more »

Rhythms of India: The Art of Nandalal Bose

San Diego Museum of Art celebrates India with an exhibition of Nandalal Bose’s works from February 23 to May 18, 2008. San Diego based writer Sonali Soni gives a report on the show. more »


Running Amok

Mathieu Foss Gallery in collaboration with Tasveer at Piramal Art Gallery –NCPA, Mumbai recently presented a set of photographs by Jasmeen Patheja. A review by Shubhalakshmi Shuklamore »

Of Paradoxical Moorings

Oindrilla Maity looks at the works of two Delhi based artists, Tanmoy Samanta and Mahula Ghosh, who recently had simultaneous solo shows at Anant Art Gallery, Kolkata. While Tanmoy sees the world through jovial but minimal imageries, Mahula seems to be more existential and action-oriented in her approach, says Oindrilla. more »

To Desire and to Trash

Vivan Sundaram in his latest presentation ‘Trash’, presented in the twin spaces of Project 88 and Gallery Chemould in Mumbai explores the economics and aesthetics of urban waste and value, re-defining rubbish, commodity disposal and sourcing, says Amrita Gupta Singh. more »

Book Review

When People are Erased from a Land - Reviewed by JohnyML

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