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March '07

art gallery
New Delhi

Curated by
Johny ML

News - National

Musui-Maiya Foundation Resource Center to be set up

Delhi based Musui-Maiya Foundation (registration under process) in collaboration with has decided to set up a resource and research centre for Indian contemporary art. The centre functions from the office in New Delhi will be opened to the art students and research scholars. The Centre invites documentation materials (like catalogues, magazines, CDs, Videos and all kinds of resource materials on art) from all the artists and art lovers. The materials could be sent in the following address: Art Concerns, B-404, First Floor, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi-19. Availing the facilities of the resource centre would be completely free of cost.


Benodebehari Mukherjee Retrosepctive begins at NGMA

A mega centenary retrospective of Benodebehari Mukherjee (1904-1980) got a grand gala opening at the NGMA, New Delhi on 30th December 2006. The show will be on till 11th February 2007. The Retrospective is expected to travel to Mumbai and Kolkata subsequently.

The retrospective includes a wide selection of over 400 works from the oeuvre spanning over sixty years. These consist of paintings in tempera, water colour and ink on andmade paper and silk as well as oils in various formats of scrolls, books and screens from
1921 to 1957.  From the period of  post-blindness (1957 till his death in 1980 there are a series of paper cuts, drawings, prints and some sculptures are included.

The Exhibition would display nearly original size digital enlargements of his murals including the 8 X 80 feet magnum opus of 'Life of the Medieval Saints' in Hindi Bhavan,  the ceiling mural of the dormitory, both in Santiniketan ,the Banasthali murals in Rajasthan and a post-blindness tile mural in Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan. All these first time ever outside the venues of the originals.

The publications include five books, picture postcards, posters, banners and a CD. The 350 page catalogue volume consists of three essays each by K.G.Subramanyan, curators R. Siva Kumar and Gulammohammed Sheikh, excerpts from the writings of the artist, about 180 full colour plates, a complete catalogue with thumbnail illustration of each work, time line of his life etc.

Workshop on Art Writing at Vadehra Gallery

The Vadehra Art Gallery is sponsoring a week-long writing workshop conceptualized and conducted by Art, Resources & Teaching, Bangalore between January 7-15, 2007.
The workshop which is aimed at young professionals and graduate students looks at the role of writing in making the “artness” of art. Art is visual, writing about art is textual. Art criticism and history mediate art through text for a wider audience and interpretations and opinions gain value once they are concretized in published works. The practice and theorization of art are integrally related to the reception and circulation of art. Written text gains authority and contributes to the aura and value of an art work. The workshop will take this relationship between visual and written texts as its foundation.

During the workshop Geeta Kapur will speak on Political Art Criticism. ‘Art Criticism for Public’ will be handled by Kavita Singh. JohnyML will speak on ‘New Media Writing, blogging and Ezines’. Gayatri Sinha and Anita Dube will conduct classes on ‘Biography Autobigrahy/Curatorial Writing/Writing in Media’ and ‘Manifestos and Other Writings’ respectively.

Programs at Mohile Parikh Centre for the Visual Arts

The Mohile Parikh Center for the Visual Arts (MPCVA) will host a presentation and discussion titled ‘The Ouevre of Somnath Hore: wounds that refused to heal/wounds that he refused to heal’ by art historian Sanjoy K. Mallik on January 24, 2007 at 6.30 pm at the Little Theatre of the National Center for Performing Arts in Mumbai. The program is free and open to all.

And the Mohile Parikh Center for the Contemporary (MPCC), will screen a documentary film, titled, Derrida (85 mins), directed by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering Kofman on January 18, 2007 at 6.00 pm at the Little Theatre of the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai. Free passes will be available at the Mohile Parikh Center starting January 8, 2007.


Zarina Hashmi at Gallery Espace

The New York based print maker Zarina Hashmi’s solo exhibition is scheduled to open at the gallery on January 12, 2007. The exhibition, aptly titled Kaghaz ke Ghar/Paper Houses reviews Zarina’s images in cast paper from 1979-99. In the words of the artist, “Paper Houses is a play on words both literally and metaphorically. All the works in this exhibition are made of paper; most of them cast from paper pulp, some cut from printed paper and others are prints.” Thematically also, this exhibition of forms in cast paper address the idea of the house / home which has engaged her for years.  Her involvement with paper and its possibilities spans her entire life, and it defines her creative expression.


The Santa Claus Performance by Himanshu Verma

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A performance aimed at promoting The Greeting Card Project, a project featuring 20 visual artistes who made works meant to be reproduced on greeting cards the artist/curator Himanshu Verma in a specially designed, distinctly individualistic Santa Claus outfit with several variations went around various places both in New Delhi and Mumbai. In the course of the performance the artist visited several art openings in the garb of Santa, with a bag slung around his shoulder. The goodies that he offered to art enthusiasts were, of course, the greeting cards. The artist also painted the town red with his Santa Merrymaking as he made it a point to go to just about everywhere in the special festive garb – parties, friend’s homes, cultural events, public places, malls, streets, markets, Midnight Mass at a cathedral, and a care home for HIV Positive children; in a small attempt to spread the festive cheer amongst all, and disseminate the greeting cards.


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