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March '07

art gallery
New Delhi

Curated by
Johny ML

from the concerns desk

Thus an eventful year has gone by. In 2006, many of us have gone through trying times and euphoric moments. However, the eternal spirit that never says ‘die’ carries us on. Believe in what Hemingway said in his famous work ‘Old Man and the Sea’: “A Man can be destroyed but not defeated.” read on »

Cover story

Farewell to Thee, Blithe Spirit, 2006

Bose krishnamachari, ‘GHOST: Transmemoir ‘, Mixed media installation 480in x 84in

JohnyML looks back at the Indian contemporary art scene of 2006 and says that until India develops a proper funding system for art, the bullish market is going to call the shots. . read on »

George Martin


George Martin

Located at the verge of hyper-real figuration and colour field abstraction, Martin’s paintings enact the enigmatic drama of contemporary life. Like any other human being the artist too finds himself caught in situations and occurrences, which are highly coded with meanings. No gesture is an innocent gesture and no word is an innocent word in contemporary situations. more »

We present a painting by George Martin. »

Spring Board

Sujith SN

Sujith SN

Born in Baroda in 1980, Sujith SN spent his formative years in Gujarat before his parents settled back in Palghat, Kerala. Sujith took BFA from the Fine Arts College, Thrissur and went on to pursue a post graduation in painting at the SN School of Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad. Currently he is a final year MFA student there. more »


Fear of the Inside World

Amrita Gupta Singh presents the outcome of an open forum conversation between Kiki Smith, Atul Dodiya and Gieve Patel held at the Mohile Parikh Centre for Visual Arts in Mumbai read on »


“State is a like a piece of Wood”

Well known photographer and human rights activist Ravi Agarwal speaks to JohnyML prior to his forthcoming participation in a Residency program based on the global politics of Water at the Khoj International Studios, New Delhi on 7th January 2007. In this crisp interview Ravi Agarwal speaks about his art and activism. read on »

About Use and Abuse of Water

Painter turned conceptual artist Atul Bhalla would be participating in the Khoj Residency Program on Water during the month of January, 2007. He speaks to JohnyML about his concerns about water, conceptual practices and previous projects. read on »


Yamuna, My Love

Noted artist T.K.Hareendran speaks to JohnyML about his involvement with Rivers in general and Yamuna in particular. In this interview he narrates his ‘From the Yamuna Bed: A Journey of Love’ (2005) project, which was done in India and Uzbekistan. read on »

Musui-Maiya Foundation Resource Center to be set upl more » Zarina Hashmi at Gallery Espace more »
Benodebehari Mukherjee Retrosepctive begins at NGMA more » Gallery Arts India in London more »
Workshop on Art Writing at Vadehra Gallery
more »
Iranna and Jayashree Chakraborty at Istambul
more »
Programs at Mohile Parikh Centre for the Visual Arts
more »
Ranbir Kaleka to work on Holocaust more »
Photo Features

Let there be Light

Images from the Light Based Art Workshop conducted at the Khoj Studios, New Delhi.
view Photogallery »


A Lunch Box at the Scaffolding

JohnyML takes a quick look at the works of the young painter and video artist Pratul Dash who is going to have his solo exhibition at the Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi on 10 January 2007.
more »


Kiki Smith: Losing herself

Gitanjali Dang, the art critic of Hindustan Times, Mumbai writes about the works of the internationally acclaimed artist Kiki Smith and peps up her observations with the comments of the artist. more »

Probing the LaVA Times

C S Venkiteswaran, the noted journalist and cultural critic reads the nuances of the discourse generated by the LaVA project of Bose Krishnamachari and raises a few questions. more »

Screams from Mutant Fantasies

Jacoby visits the studio of Zakkir Hussain in Mattanchery, Kochi and comes out with an interesting feature where the artist’s life and works are reflected clearly and beautifully.
more »

Being Anast á cia

Artist Mithu Sen culls out valuable information about Santa Anastacia, a woman who was tortured and put to death for speaking out truth and connects them with her works done during her Residency as a part of the UNESCO program in Brazil. In the second part we present a few haiku like poems written by the artist. more »

Swasti hey Soorya te Swasti

Rashika Ojha visits the recently concluded Chhath Puja in Bihar and sends in a feature on the importance of this festival in the lives of the folk. She traces the mythological roots and contemporary branches of the Chhat festival. more »


Print making: Story and History

In this well researched essay Bhavna Kakar, editor of Art and Deal Magazine traces the history of Indian Print making. more »


Can our Histories be re-written?

Asks Amrita Gupta Singh in her thought provoking review of the latest works by N.S.Harsha, presented at the Chemould Gallery, Mumbai. more »

Making Prints

Sandhya Bordewekar visits the ‘Print Making-As We Know it Today Part I’ show at Ahmedabad’s Lemongrasshopper Gallery and comes out with a feeling that the general art loving public needs to be educated further to understand and appreciate a print maker’s creativity. more »

World of Memories

Rashika Ojha gets caught into the stream of consciousness evoked by the works of Madhvi Parekh presented in a solo at Vadehra Gallery, New Delhi and comes out with a set of interesting observations.
more »

Of Objects and their Secret Lives

Amrita Gupta Singh reviews the works of the Baroda based artist, Sharath Kulagatti and says that the artist through his works has imparted voice to those silenced objects of the quotidian life. more »

Book Review

Immersion, Emergence - Ravi Agarwal

Reviewed by JohnyML »

Version True - Uma Nair

Collecting: Madness Or Passion?

Eccentric, obsessive and slightly mad, collectors have been responsible for most of the art that we see-collecting is a new pastime for cash rich Indians, with deep pockets for whom collecting has become an exercise in madness rather than passion, the scene is now looking more like a daft circus! more »


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