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From the ‘Concerns’ Desk ... May 2007

The Fight will be on as You are the real Heroes

For the last one week, we have been updating you with the ‘Baroda Incident’ and its aftermath. Once again we express our solidarity with Chandramohan and Shivji Panikkar. read on »

Baroda Protest

Bangalore Protests under Mahatama’s Statue

Rollie mukherjee and V. Divakar follow up the protest meetings held at various places in Bangalore and report that eminent personalities from all the walks of life were there to express their solidarity with the protesting artists in Baroda. With inputs from artist, Surekha. more »

Living in an Usurped Domain

Kolkata, the abode of intellectuals and artists found one of the strongest protest meetings on 14th May. Oindrilla Maity captures the spirit of the Kolkatan Artists’ protest against the Baroda incident. more »

Assam Artists Declare Solidarity

Shocked by the unfortunate developments in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda, artists and intellectual from Assam registered their protest in a meeting held at the Artists Guild, Guwahati. A report »

The Santiniketan protest

In this brief report, Anshuman Dasgupta talks about the protest meet held at Shantiniketan for condemning the BJP atrocities at Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda. more »

Maximum City’s Maximized Protest

Intellectuals, artists and eminent personalities from all the walks of life came forward to protest against the Baroda incident at the steps of Jehangir Art Gallery. Amrita Gupta Singh catches the fire of this meet in this crisp report »

Protest in Chennai

Artists gathered at Chennai’s Hues Gallery and debated the issue of artist’s freedom and signed a memorandum demanding justice for all those who suffer from the Baroda incident. Jayashree Venkatadurai reports »

A Bus Journey to Baroda

Artist Tushar Jog recounts the experience of a long bus journey that he undertook along with many of the Mumbai artists who chose to join the Baroda protest march on 14th May at the Faculty of Fine Arts. There was something different waiting for them. more »

Zealots Redefine Hinduism

In these days of globalization and open market culture, a minority within Hinduism shows the world that they still have the potential to take this country back to dark ages. Uma Nair feels that to prevent these zealots from atrocities and to safeguard our freedom, we need to develop global and local mechanisms. more »

Human Chain in Baroda

Artists from all over India came to Baroda on 14th May 2007 and they formed a human chain in front of the Faculty of Fine Arts in order to send a message to the government and the hooligans that the art community is one and together. A report from Baroda. more »

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Capital City Declares Solidarity with Baorda

Hundreds of artists, intellectuals and art lovers came in force to express their solidarity with the artists’ fraternity in Baroda. Johny ML attends the protest meet in Delhi and reports. more »

Kochi Paints its Protest

Kochi, the happening art centre in Kerala witnessed artists coming in numbers to express their solidarity with the agitating artists in Baroda. A report from Kochi. more »

Giving Birth to Right

Hinduism and other religions cannot be used as a whip to punish artists who believes in the notion of freedom expression and choice. Culling examples from the recent Baroda incident Johny ML says that the growing subculture in the world wide web would ultimately subvert the agenda of the fundamentalists. more »

An action sunday

For the striking students and artists of Baroda, Sunday too was a day of action. A report from Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda. more »

Holy Cross and the Story of a Urinal

Perhaps the title of this report does not match with what is written here. However, once you finish reading this report by Abhijeet Tamhane, you would brush up your art history to know why it has a title like this. Abhijeet reports from ground zero, Fine Arts Faculty, Baroda. read on»

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A Bit of RDX for Cultural Purification

In his characteristic style Suddhabrata Sengupta of SARAI looks at the keepers of morality in public spaces and says that let us all handover the responsibility of culture to them so that we can get on with other serious business in life. Vision and sarcasm embellish this piece. more »

What Happened in Fine Arts Faculty, Baroda? Baroda correspondent gives a day by day account ont what happened in the Fine Arts Faculty, M.S.University, Baroda. read on »


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Tamil ‘Art’ Nadu
Condemns the Baroda Incident

Artists, art historians, critics and intellectuals from all the walks of life in Tamil Nadu condemn the Baroda incident. Anand Surya reports from Tamil Nadu. more »

The Protest Alert lists out the dates and venues of protests by the Indian artists community against the Hindu fundamentalists’ attack on the Fine Arts Faculty, Baroda. details »

Hindu Sacred Art Offends
Self-appointed Custodians of Hindu Culture

Ranjit Hoskote reacts to the Hindu fundamentalist intrusion at the Fine Arts Faculty, Baroda. He asks whether these fundamentalists would go ahead with moral policing and destroy all our cultural heritage more »

The Moral Police on Prowl

Gulammohammed Sheikh, an alumnus and former teacher of Fine Arts Faculty, M.S.University, Baroda says that the moral policing of the Hindu fundamentalists would imperil the smooth functioning of a reputed institution. more »

The Signature Campaign against Moral Policing in Baroda

Mumbai artists community has come out strongly against the moral policing by Hindu fundamentalists at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda. They request all the artists, intellectuals and responsible citizens of the country to join the following signature campaign. more »


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